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 Job Outlook

Provides you with information on occupations Australia wide, such as the size of the workforce, future growth prospects, required skills, duties involved, average weekly earnings, and the main employing industries. Use the information in Job Outlook to help you to make informed career decisions.


Australia’s free online career information service that assists career planning, career pathways and work transitions. The easy-to-use website supports people to make career decisions, plan their career pathway and manage work transitions, whatever their career or life stage.

Career Search

Whether you’re just starting out in your career search or you're simply looking for a career guide, Career Search can help you find the right job for you and the courses that can help you get there.


Australian Apprenticeship

Around 400,000 Australian Apprentices are already in training around the country. It’s a great way to get a head start on a career... and you’re earning while you’re learning. And with Australian Apprenticeships in more than 500 occupations, you really can do almost anything.


The national directory of vocational education and training (VET) organisations and courses. It is a federal government initiative to enable consumers to search for, and compare, VET courses and training providers.


The Good Universities Guide

The only comprehensive and independent information source about tertiary education pathways and career options in Australia. If you are choosing an education course or career pathway, you have come to the right place.


Thinking about higher education institutions and study areas and wish you could ask someone about their experience? With QILT, you can do side by side comparisons of the quality of the higher education institutions and the study areas that you’re interested in.

Career Videos

Ace Day Jobs

A series of five minute video episodes of Australians with innovative careers. It's about people who really love their work and how they got into it. Often there's a few twists and turns on the way. Sometimes people with great careers started off on one track and ended up on another

Student Edge

A great collection of career videos. These short, snappy and often humorous videos will help you discover your future career by hearing about them from people who work in that career.

Skills One

Hundreds of videos about getting a trade or a skill. Loaded with valuable information about trades, and apprenticeships. Special focus on Automotive, Building & Construction, Electrical, Engineering, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Mineral Resources, Rural & Farming.