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Designed for Busy Teachers and Career Advisers Just Like You  

Since 2007 MyCareerMatch has been loved by over 1200 Australian Schools and helped close to one million students with career decisions. We understand that todays busy Teachers and Career Advisers require self-discovery and career tools that are low cost, easy to use and deliver a high level of personalised information to a whole class at once.

  Benefits To Schools  

Products are quick and easy to use
Low cost / flexible purchase options available
Requires no formal training to interpret or administer
Strengthens existing self-discovery and career programmes
Online access 24/7 from home or school
Student reports CC... to Teacher/Career Adviser
Inspires students to talk about their future with parents and teachers

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MyCareerMatch Discover Me Activity Reports take young students on a journey to discover their personality style, strengths and ignite big dreams about future careers.

In under 10 minutes students receive a personalised (PDF) Activity Report which contains information and exercises that are organised into short topical sections. The interaction builds on the exciting things they've learned about themselves without making career choice overwhelming.  

Benefits To Younger Students  

Discover personal strengths and unique talents
Helps build confidence and a positive self-image
Ignites big dreams about future career paths
Promotes diversity, tolerance and respect for others
Encourages career talks with parents and teachers
Inspires them to always try their best

MyCareerMatch Career Profile is a powerful assessment that matches a student's personality style to careers they would love.

In under 15 minutes students receive a personalised (PDF) Career Profile which immediately engages them about career choices and starts a positive conversation about their future.  

Benefits To Older Students  

Helps build confidence and a positive self-image
Discover personal strengths and employability skills
Suggests 'Top 5' career choices + 40 more
Careers linked to MyFuture website
Provides content to write a professional resume
Encourages positive career talks with parents and teachers


Career Profile PLUS includes the standard report (all of the above) PLUS MyResume a 16 page resume report and access to an online resume builder at no extra cost.  

Career Profile PLUS is ideal for Years 11 & 12 and teaches students how to:  

Write a professional resume
Highlight their strengths and achievements
Read the job ad and write a 'stand out' cover letter
Use social media to build their career brand online


Launch Your Students Into Life!  

MyCareerMatch Blast-Off! Project will get students fired-up, ready for their first job or exploring higher education. Whatever path they choose, Blast-Off! develops their personal skills through 27 awesome lessons that help them go from school to career success.