Classroom Activities

Here's a bunch of great activities you can do with students before and after they receive their report

This 'Powerpoint Classroom Presentation' is a must view with students before they start. It takes them step by step how to use MyCareerMatch

View Powerpoint Presentation


This workbook is a great class activity once students have their report. It's designed to help students reinforce the connection between their personality styles and careers that match.

Download Student Workbook: PDF

This map gives Careers Advisers an overview of the 16 personality styles, their key behavioural characteristics and careers that match these qualities. (Each report includes a career map).

Career Personality Map
DPSA Personality Styles

This is a nice way for students to start a conversation with parents and family about their careers. Students complete the family tree to see what everyone has done.

Family Career Chart

Awesome sites to help students explore everything about careers.


Other Resorces:

100's of free Resume Templates

2020 ING Future Focus Jobs & Skills Report

2020 Report on STEM Equity

7 New Job Clusters - The New Work Mindset

7 Skills Needed for IT Careers (Web)

AA Pathways Aptitude Tests (Web)

After ATAR: Understanding How Gen Z Into Further Education and Employment

Australian Apprenticeship Pathways Job Charts (Web)

Australian Dept. of Employment 2019 Job Projections

Australian Jobs 2019

Australian Jobs Report 2021 - Student Version

Australian Jobs Student Version

Australian Jobs Survey 2018

Australian Jobs Survey 2020

Bring STEM Careers into Class

Busting Myths About Women in STEM

Campus Quest Game - What to Expect at University

Career Ancestry Chart

Career Expo Feed Back Form

Career Expo Student Feedback Form

Career Expo: Student feedback form (Web)

Career Personality Map  (PDF)

Career Planning Workbook (PDF)

Career Videos (web)

Careers Education must be for all, not just those going to university

Careers in Public Service (Web)

Careers in Sport (PDF)

Careers in the ADF (PDF)

COVID-19 Report on Vulnerable Children in Australia

CSIRO Digital Careers Quiz

Degrees and Skills Most Employers Want (Web)

Does School-based Vocational Education and Training payoff

Dream Jobs? Teenagers' Career Aspirations and the Future of Work - OECD - PISA research

Employer Demand For Digital Skills

Employment projections to 2019 - Excel Data Spreadsheet

Engaging Parents in Career Conversation

Engineering & STEM Careers Magazine

Engineering Careers Explained

Ensuring young Australians have skills and experience for the jobs of the future.

Financial Career Options

Free Resume Templates

Future Skills: What Students Need In The 2030 Job Market.

Future Workforce Supply and Demand Forecast

Get Ready For Work - McDonalds

Girls' Future - Our Future, The Invergowrie Foundation's Report on STEM in Australia

How to Rock a Job Interview (Web)

Improving the Employment Prospects of Young People (PDF)

Infographic: Preparing students for the future workplace

Interactive ICT Career Wheel, Careers Foundation Australia

Is Vocational Education a good alternative to Higher Education

IT Career Finder, a world-class web portal designed to guide you through every stage of your IT career.

Job Interviews - How to be more confident

Jobs by Industry (Web)

Kids Speak Out on Students Engagement - What Works for Them - Web

My Government Career

MyCareerMatch Career Ready Infographic

Not Enough Students Are Success Ready (Web)

NSW Teachers face personality assessment

Our roadmap to create a thriving Australian tech workforce

People Skills - HBR

Resume Tips and Interview guide for each personality

Skills in Demand by Industry

Skills Spiderweb: Data Visualisation Tool. Different jobs require different skills.

Student Cover Letter (Word)

Tech Council of Australia (TCA 2022 Report

Top 10 Teenage Career Aspirations

Tourism and Hospitality Career Guide (download PDF)

Transform Your Passion into a Tech Career - Web

Trends in Career Education

UNE Future of Work Predictor

University Is Not For Me

VET as good as UNI

VET Growth Occupations 2020

What Do Employers Really Want (PDF)

What should a teen be able to do in high school and early adulthood? (Word)

What Students Should Post on LinkedIn (Web)

Why is Career Choice so Hard - Moments of Choice


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